Our approach has always revolved around moving thinking forward

Over the years that has meant we have increasingly found ourselves helping to evolve, or even uncover, strategic insights

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So, for example, when we work on pitches for ad agencies we often get involved at an earlier stage in the process where we elicit the input of experts and savvy consumers to help identify motivating territory that positioning statements and strategic propositions can be rooted in

Because we have experience in ad agency planning, we understand strategy. And because we understand the pressures involved in identifying distinctive and motivating strategies, we always work closely with the people who have to come up with fresh thinking in this area

Over the course of fieldwork we will continually feed nuggets and insights into planning or marketing departments, with a view to identifying territory that gets everyone sitting forward and excited

In essence, we evolve ideas by going back and forth between consumers and agency or client, until we have identified the most resonant and distinctive strategic ideas and propositions

Let’s illustrate the above with a case study:

In 2014, we undertook the first piece of qualitative research that Channel 5 had done in 7 years, helpedĀ Microsoft, Just Eat and Direct Line hone and refine their communications and sought out hard to reach segments of the population for Lambeth Council, in order to understand how their needs might best be met

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